DIY Massage Technique Tips to Relieve Tired Eyes

Massage for Tired eyes

Hey Guys….
As requested we will be putting out series of DIY Massage Techniques for Everyday use.

First: The Eyes……
After about 8 hrs staring at your computer screen at work and almost 18hrs staring at your phone. You are bound to have tired, heavy eyes.
Here is a simple 5 minutes therapy that can relieve tired eyes if done properly.
Try this technique while your eyes are shut for a faster relief.
• Place your thumbs under your eyebrows, starting at the inside corner of each eye socket. Press and gently move the thumbs in tiny circles, working slowly towards the outsides of your eyebrows and continuing this movement all around your eyes, ending back at the bridge of your nose.
• Repeat this several times, till you feel the heaviness ease out.
Leave a comment below if you tried it and it worked…

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