Indulge in Our 15 Mins Relaxation & Stress Relief Chair Massage Available For Work, Events or Retreats



Chair massage is a style of seated massage that is typically short — 10 or 15 minutes — and focuses on your back, shoulders and neck and arms. Chair massage is done over clothes and doesn’t require any massage oil.After a chair massage, the client feels energized, rejuvenated, valued and relaxed. It can work wonders for your body, your mental state and your sense of well-being and happiness.



A chair massage is needed when; 

  • You want to improve employees morale
  • Increase turnover at exhibitions
  • Celebrate clients, friends and employees in a unique way
  • Relief stress, and tensions
  • Convenience and cost is of importance 




 Chair massage is often used in high stress locations like airports, trade shows and conventions, but it is also used a lot in corporate settings as well.

It can be brought to any location including:

  • Work
  • Events, Exhibitions
  • Retreats and Parties


Chair Massages are convenient as they can be brought to your location. With a chair massage they are simple and efficient and do not require any form of undressing. Its as easy as taking 15 mins to recharge your batteries, relax, and improve your mood.

If you’ve ever run a business, you know how difficult it can be to find and keep good people. We’re talking about those people that make your business run and make it look easy. Those people are hard to find, and making sure they stay motivated and happy is even harder.
Improve Employee Morale with a regular chair massage program. It sharpens their mind & creative thinking and keeps them stress & aches free.

Chair massages cost as low as N250 per minute, and offer sessions lasting in the range of 15-30 minutes.
Getting a short chair massage can help you relax, improve your mood, and soothe any aches and pains in between your busy schedule.

Stress is universal. However, when there's never any relief from stress, it can cause problems.
Taking care of your body should be at the top of your priorities. By adding therapeutic massage to your routine now, you'll feel, look and simply be healthier far into the future. In fact, stress relief alone can improve your vitality and state of mind. So what better way to prep for a long, happy life than a relaxing, therapeutic 15 mins chair massage?

looking for a unique way to pull Sales, Traffic and Customer through an Incentive? Why not try our Chair Massages…. They are a great way to offer patronizing customers a 10- 15mins stress or aches relief and They will Surely remember your brand

Let customers/ employees know you appreciate them and if customers sense you are making an effort to build and maintain a trusting relationship by going the extra mile to be concerned about them, offering them valuable added service on purchase or referrals, they will be more likely to stay for the long haul.
Use the Organique SPA 15 min chair massage package to show your customers or employees that you truly care and value them.

"A massage is just like a movie, really relaxing and a total escape, except in a massage you're the star. And you don't miss anything by falling asleep!"

Elizabeth Jane Howard


N25000Per Request

  • Back & Shoulder Massage
  • 2 hrs Time Frame
  • 10 sessions
  • 2 complimentary sessions
  •  1 Indonesian trained therapist
  • 1 Chair Massage
  • Available for Work, Events and Retreats 
  • Impeccable Service and Guaranteed Relaxation  

N60000Per Request

  • Back, Shoulder & Head Massage 
  • 5 Hrs Time Frame
  • 25 sessions
  • 5 Complimentary sessions
  • 2 Indonesian Trained Therapist
  • 2 Chair Massage
  • Available for Work, Events and Retreats 
  • Impeccable Service and Guaranteed Relaxation  

N10000Per Hour

  • Head, Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage
  • More than 5hrs session
  • More Than 30 Clients per session
  • 3 Indonesian Trained Therapist
  • 2 or 3 Chairs
  • Available for Work, Events and Retreats 
  • Impeccable Service and Guaranteed Relaxation


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